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Diaper Bags > Baby Clothes > Sleep Sacks

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How Baby Sleeping Sacks Help Keep Your Baby Safe
Although there is still much mystery around the cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, research experts suggest that the rebreathing of carbon dioxide is one of the possible causes of SIDS. Loose crib blankets could potentially get kicked off and bunched up around an infant’s face while sleeping. Using baby sleeping sacks in lieu of loose crib bedding is a good first step in creating a safer sleeping environment for your precious little ones. Since the baby is essentially wearing his/her blanket, your infant’s body is kept cozy and warm – like an all-night hug!

What a Baby Should Wear to Bed
When deciding how to dress your little one for bed, simply clothe him/her in sleepwear appropriate for the season that you are in. In summertime, dress your baby in a lightweight pajama, and in winter dress him or her in a thicker fabric pajama. Place your hand on its tummy or back to check if your infant is too hot or cold. A hot or clammy feeling suggests that the baby is too warm and will need a thinner fabric PJ. If the body temperature seems cool, you may want to put the baby in a warmer fabric PJ. Once the appropriate sleepwear has been determined, placing your baby in a Violet’s Peapod baby sleeping sack will help ensure that the infant’s temperature is consistent throughout the night. Also, you will never have to worry about little legs getting caught in the slats of the crib.

Nursery Temperature
Your baby’s room temperature is best kept between 60-70 Degrees Fahrenheit, considered the safest and most comfortable range for infants. Putting your little one in a Violet’s Peapod baby sleeping sack will help to make certain that his/her body temperature will be regulated all night long.

Violet's Peapod - Sleeping Sack in Classic - Pink Pixies II (0-6 mos)

Violet's Peapod - Sleeping Sack in Übercozy Bedtime Stories (0-6 mos)

Violet's Peapod - Sleeping Sack in Übercozy Summer Bliss (0-6 mos)
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